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       Netspar International Pension Workshop organized jointly with the 10th edition of the workshop on Pension, Insurance and Saving


      Papers disscused will adressed the following topics :


      • Risk management during working life, life cycle saving and investment behavior   Risk management during retirement years  
      • The art of choosing, long term decision making of individuals 
      • Financial and investment decisions as well as supervision of fully funded pensions: solvency and transparency  
      • Risk sharing and distribution among generations, macroeconomic aspects of ageing and retirement
      • The labor market; retirement and health
      • Heterogeneity within generations and the position of senior citizen



      This Pension Workshop is jointly organized by Netspar and by University Paris Dauphine-LEDa Team and supported by Chaire Dauphine-Ensae Groupama.


      Keynote speakers are: 


      Olivia Mitchell, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School


      Erik Hurst, the University of Pennsylvania Wharthon School


      Didier Blanchet, INSEE

      Policy Session:


      Chairman :

      Gordon Clark, Oxford University


      David Blake, Cass Business School, City University London


      Ernesti Rezk, Institute of economics and Finance, National University of Cordoba 


      Juan Yermo, OECD